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Choose perfection. Choose Ympress® Laser.

Ympress Laser is hot rolled steel with exceptional flatness and a perfect surface. It allows fast and efficient lasering with excellent performance. Ympress Laser has a very homogeneous and consistent quality. The flatness guarantee applies even after your cutting process. 

The high purity of the material ensures that little or no cutting burr occurs. Combined with its exceptional flatness, this makes Ympress Laser ideal for application in an automated process. 

With Ympress Laser quality, it is also possible to set up your machine after lasering and process the material at high speed without interference. It thus provides higher productivity in setting and bending than conventional steel grades.

As an approved decoiler and distributor, MCB has an extensive inventory of Ympress Laser material. Order directly via the webshop or ask your question to our specialists.


5 reasons to choose Ympress® Laser

1. Increased product quality

2. Improved yield

3. Better final products

4. Excellent delivery reliability

5. Technical support through our specialists

Assortment of Ympress Laser plates

Ympress Laser plates

Standard size Ympress Laser plate can be easily ordered through the webshop.

Ympress Laser for even better performance.

  1. Increased product quality

    Continuous cutting process with reduced setup time and minimal operator intervention.

  2. Improved yield

    Flexible nesting per sheet, more parts from one sheet.

  3. Better final products

    Reliable flatness, surface condition and cutting edge quality ensure better end product.

  4. Excellent delivery reliability

    Available from stock from MCB, in standardized packaging for product protection and recognition.

  5. Technical support through our specialists

    Our technical experts are ready to help you optimize your laser cutting process.

Need more information?

Brochure with specification

Prefer to download a brochure first to view the specifications? We understand. Via the button below you can easily download our brochure.



Specifications per Ympress Laser quality

Download specifications by Ympress Laser quality here.

Our specialists

René van der Valk and Johan Opdenacker are the specialists in the field of Carbon Steel Flat. Together they have over 50 years of experience at MCB. They have extensive technical knowledge of our materials.

Do you have a question? Feel free to contact them directly. They will be happy to help you further.

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René van der Valk
Project manager Flat Carbon Steel

Johan Opdenacker
Project manager Flat Carbon Steel

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Frequently Asked Questions  

Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found here. Do you have another question? Ask your question here.  

What makes Ympress Laser different from other materials?

Ympress Laser is distinguished by its constant and homogeneous structure. This gives many advantages in lasering and further processing (such as edging and setting) of the material.  

What is the warranty on Ympress® Laser?

Ympress Laser guarantees a maximum deviation on flatness of 3 mm/meter, both before cutting and afterwards on laser-cut products.  

Which qualities does MCB have in stock?

MCB stocks Ympress Laser E250C, Ympress Laser S355MC and Ympress Laser S420MC, both with black and pickled and oiled surfaces.  

Is Ympress Laser a sustainable product?

Ympress Laser is produced locally in the Netherlands and therefore has a lower CO2 footprint than imported materials. Thanks to various improvements in the production process, Ympress Laser can already be delivered with a Zeremis Carbon Lite certificate that allows a CO2 saving to be factored into your scope 3 targets. A major innovation in the production process is in the pipeline. This will make it possible to significantly further and effectively reduce the CO2 footprint of Ympress Laser. Do you have any questions about this topic? Feel free to contact your account manager.  

Can I save weight by using Ympress Laser?

Due to the better formability of Ympress Laser, it is sometimes possible to opt for a higher material quality while applying a smaller material thickness and thus saving weight. However, this should be examined on a case-by-case basis.  

With which certificate is Ympress Laser obtainable?

We supply Ympress Laser with 3.1 certificate as standard. This is an inspection report from the manufacturer stating the chemical and mechanical properties of the material.